Pls notice that the chinese fire grades are different from EU,Chinese A fires grade are higher than EU, We can attain the EU standar.

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Advantages of High Efficiency Water-based Agent

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Advantages of High Efficiency Water-based Fire Extinguishing Agent
1.High efficiency of fire extinguishing:
instantaneous fire extinguishing for medium and small fires (20 square meters of oil fire); large fires (100 square meters of oil fire). Extinguishing time is not more than 1 minute; when extinguishing class A, forest and grassland fires, the part attached to the combustible material is more than 5 times as much as water, and the fire retardant effect is more than 6 times that of water, which makes the covering layer have better fire resistance. The addition of environmentally friendly flame-retardant materials can achieve the effect of instantaneous flame-retardant and never reburning. 
2.Wide application:
widely applicable to all kinds of fires such as ABF, especially high temperature oil fires, which have super-strong extinguishing effect and overcome the problem that traditional extinguishing agent cannot extinguish high temperature oil fires such as edible oils, heavy oils etc. Widely applicable scenarios, which can quickly extinguish flammable solid, flammable liquid, kitchen and other fires, and can be used in buildings, families, yards, stations, vehicles and large-scale storage of oil and other places. Flame-retardant layer can be formed on the surface of flammable articles (wood products, paper, etc.) after soaking with high-efficiency fire extinguisher to achieve flame-retardant effect.
3.The product S/AR-6-AB has been certified by china and korea.
In addition to its good fire extinguishing effect on A and B fires, it can also effectively extinguish polar solvent fires such as propylene oxide, acetone and alcohol fires. It realizes the multi-function of water fire extinguishing agent and solves the problem of single function of traditional fire extinguishing agent.
Low temperature and high performance: the lowest working temperature of low temperature water fire extinguishing agent is -42℃, which innovatively solves the difficult problem of portable fire extinguisher in low temperature environment, and basically meets the fire protection of winter field environment in "Three North" and other Alpine areas in China.
Long shelf life: The shelf life of water fire extinguishing agent is more than 5 years.
4.Good environmental protection performance:
the fire extinguishing agent not only does not pollute the atmosphere, soil and water quality, but also does no harm to human body. The residue after fire extinguishing can be completely degraded automatically without causing pollution and damage to the target. 
5.Due to the superiority of Renhui's products, its products have a far-reaching impact on the foreign fire market and are exported to foreign countries.
On the basis of passing the domestic environmental protection technology requirements, the products have also passed the relevant market environmental protection technology requirements smoothly abroad. South Korea and Japan the foreign partners, successfully passed the toxicity test of the products in Korea、Japan and fully met the requirements of green, environmental protection, safety and other requirements of South Korea and Japan. The fire extinguishing rating is far beyond the Korean standard.
6.Multiple auxiliary functions:
the product also has the auxiliary functions of smoke suppression, poison reduction, heat insulation and cooling.The flame retardant and heat insulation can reach more than 1000 degrees. It not only has the characteristics of fast fire extinguishing speed and high efficiency, but also has the effect of resisting high temperature and instantly reducing nearly 1000 degrees of high temperature to 40 degrees after fire extinguishing. 
High-efficiency water fire extinguishing agent is stable and can maintain homogeneous state for a long time. 
The fire extinguishing agent - compared with chemical fire extinguishing agent, the addition of high-efficiency water fire extinguishing agent in water is extremely low. According to the standard fire extinguishing experiment and the same level of fire extinguishing, the dosage of Renhui’s fire extinguishing agent is one third of the dosage of traditional fire extinguishing agent . 
9. Storage
The fire extinguishing agent can be stored in the original container to keep the physical or chemical properties unchanged. The product can be maintained at the recommended temperature for more than 5 years.