Pls notice that the chinese fire grades are different from EU,Chinese A fires grade are higher than EU, We can attain the EU standar.

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Waterbased fire extinguishers VS Dry power fire extinguisher

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Water based fire extinguishing agents are Chinese name ,it is also well know as foam agents with low expansion .we have four types: 
One type is used room temperature . 
Second type is used in  lower  temperature as much as  to -42℃ .
Third type is alcohol type which can extinguish polar solvent fire ,such as alcohol / propylene oxide/ aceton etc,in chemical factory and warehouse and so on . 
Fourth type is high concentrate type which can be diluted 200 times with pure water,make it into solution which can be used  to fill the fire extinguisher cylinder .
Fire extinguishing agent products not only meet the technical requirements of domestic market which can extinguish A/B/E/F fires absolutely, but also have been exported to Korea. In Korea, fire extinguishing products have successfully passed the tests of skin, eyes, mouth, nose and soil etc.. They fully meet the requirements of green, environmental protection, safety and so on. The fire extinguishing rating is far beyond the Korean standard. 
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